Can I get 36FPS support?

  • The Oculus Quest has a refreshrate of 72FPS, which is just enough to stop the screen flicker from being noticeable for most people.

    Unfortunately 30FPS videos either cause the screen to switch to 60FPS, thus inducing clicker, or play at 30FPS in 72Hz mode and motion looks uneven.

    However I've found that using either motion interpolation or frame blending to edge up to 36FPS fixes both of these problems.

    Motion is smooth, and it's such a small increase even motion interpolation doesn't cause any visual artifacts.

    Can you add 36FPS output support so I can use optical flow for VR vidoes? Or is it already possible?

    Thank you, and I love your plugin.

  • There's a function in ffmpeg (maybe x264 has it too?) to fake video frame rate, give it a try?

    Yeah minterpolate. That's how I tested 36fps, but I really like Adobe's optical flow better. I was shocked I liked something from Adobe above ffmpeg.

    I didn't do an extensive comparison between it and Adobe's optical flow, but from my few tests optical flow looks better.

    Neither of them are great at doing large framerate changes, but hopefully Topaz Labs releases something like nVidia's slowmo tech.

    Yes, i will add that.

    Thank you so much!

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