x265 easy common setting

  • x265 Common (all situation should apply, but still very slow)


    Note: all unlisted settings are default

    Warning: laptop users, remember connect to power

    Warning: probably nerdy/hardcore content... though I'm not willing to admit... lol

    Split Block: --ctu <less than 1600x900=16; 1600x900~2080x1170=32; more than 2080x1170=64> --rect --min-cu-size 16 --limit-tu 1 --tu-intra-depth 2 --tu-inter-depth 2 --tskip-fast

    Motion search: --me umh --subme 5 --merange <ctu minus 4 and minus subme> --analyze-src-pics

    *Alternative M. Search*: --hme-search umh --subme 5 --hme-range <Cm4mS÷4,Cm4mS÷2,ctu minus 4 minus subme>

    Intra-frame Search: --max-merge 2 --limit-modes --limit-refs 3 --early-skip --rskip 1 --rc-lookahead <fps×3> --fast-intra --b-intra

    Rate Control: --no-open-gop --min-keyint 5 --ref 3 --fades --pbratio <1.2 for waifu-anime only, other situation keep default> --bframes 14 --b-adapt 2 --no-strong-intra-smoothing

    Transitions: --scenecut-aware-qp --max-qp-delta 6

    Quantization: --crf 17 --crqpoffs -3 --cbqpoffs -1

    Adaptive Quantize: --aq-mode 1 --aq-strength <waifu-anime=0.8, film=1> --qg-size 16

    Rate Distort Optimize: --rd 3 --rdpenalty 1 --splitrd-skip --rdoq-level 2 --psy-rdoq <film=3.4, wf-anime=2.3, *add or minus 0.2 if ctu is 64 or ctu is 16*> --psy-rd <film=1.6, wf-anime=0.6 *add or minus 0.6 if ctu is 64 or ctu is 16*>

    Deblock: <as default>

    Sample Accommodating Offset: --limit-sao --sao-non-deblock

    Data Perspective Lossless: <as default>

    Picture/Sequence/Rate Parameter Set: --opt-qp-pps --opt-ref-list-length-pps --repeat-headers <for playing unmultiplexed h.265 video normally>

    Input and Output (maybe consistency?): --hash crc --frame-dup --dup-threshold 59 --allow-non-conformance <use when writing custom parameters like here> --idr-recovery-sei <use when playing through network like from nas>

    Processor Workload: --pools <select a single processor-ramsticks combination for multi-cpu setup ONLY, don't use more than 1 processor at same time as it slows everything down without improve. e.g. -,+ specifies 2 cpu-ram group, use the 2nd cpu, as premiere/FX/vegas is taking the 1st processor already>

    Multi-thread referencing: <as default>

    HDR Video: --master-display <tells decoder which color space to use :

    DCI-P3: G(13250,34500)B(7500,3000)R(34000,16000)WP(15635,16450)L(?,1)

    bt709: G(15000,30000)B(7500,3000)R(32000,16500)WP(15635,16450)L(?,1)

    bt2020: G(8500,39850)B(6550,2300)R(35400,14600)WP(15635,16450)L(?,1)


    L(?,1) COULD BE L(10000000,1), L(400,1)... CHECK THE SOURCE VIDEO

    DCI-P3: G(x0.265, y0.690), B(x0.150, y0.060), R(x0.680, y0.320), WP(x0.3127, y0.329)

    bt709: G(x0.30, y0.60), B(x0.150, y0.060), R(x0.640, y0.330), WP(x0.3127,y0.329)

    bt2020: G(x0.170, y0.797), B(x0.131, y0.046), R(x0.708, y0.292), WP(x0.3127,y0.329)

    > --max-cll <maximum content light level,maximum frame average light level> (use only when source video is specified, or found by ffprobe eventhough source video did not specify) --hdr10 <increase bitrate for HDR10 videos> --colormatrix <choose one according to source video INFO: GBR bt709 fcc bt470bg smpte170m smpte240m YCgCo

    bt2020nc bt2020c smpte2085 ictcp> --transfer <transfer characteristics, choose one or keep unspecified as the source video: GBR bt709 fcc bt470bg smpte170m smpte240m YCgCo

    bt2020nc bt2020c smpte2085 ictcp>

    Windows export log: 2>D:\folder\log.txt

    Linux export log: 2>&1 | tee D:\folder\log.txt


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