Important connector updates

  • I am currently testing a new functionality in the connectors.

    On startup of the host application (i.e. VEGAS) when the plugins are loaded the connector automatically performs some checks:

    1. Is the main Voukoder application installed?
    2. Is there an update of Voukoder available?

    If Voukoder is not installed it will show you this message dialog:

    A click on "Install" downloads and installs the latest version of Voukoder and the continues starting the host application - with Voukoder available.

    Clicking on "Ask me later" is basically the "Cancel" action. It closes the dialog, Voukoder will not be available in the application. But it will show this message on the next start again.

    In case of an available update the "Skip" button is enabled, too. It also closes the dialog box and will not show it again for that specific version number. The update functionaliy will work from Voukoder 4 on.

    Currently this is only implemented in the VEGAS connector only, but other connectors will follow.

    Would be great if some VEGAS users could test it:…nector-0.6.0.msi?raw=true

    btw: The installer should now also autodetect the installation path for the VEGAS Movie Studio series.

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  • Sorry, I don't have Vegas.

    Just wanted to request though: Please make the version check at startup (and elsewhere) optional. There are some cases where we may need/want to stay at a certain version. For example, currently, I can't update to v3 because of the resolution bug. I was also thinking this could slow down the startup. I guess this will only be done once a day/week/etc., but still, I think some people are like me and would just prefer to check on our own, so please consider allowing the users to turn it permanently off.

  • I'd prefer not to have this feature or to have option that I can switch the feature off :(

    I do not like when programs connecting to internet to check for updates and always switching this off if possible.

    Especially I do not like when it happens on startup as it slows program startup and brake normal workflow.

    I bet you have not checked all possible scenario for this. No internet? No/disabled NIC? Firewall? Proxy? Server not available? Certificate expire? Server moved? (No offence. But I've already seen so many bugs in checking for update implementations that I'm almost sure in this).

    So people will deal with many such errors because of the feature.

    I'd like to start Vegas and edit video. May be this time I'm NOT going to do any renders at all (I'm editing video almost every day, but rendering probably once a week). Or may be I will use other encoders this time (lossless, intermediate).

    Imaging that ALL plugins will do this. This would be nightmare as people will deal with all these update messages, but not with what they wanted to do.

    I believe that such feature should be not on startup but in Voukoder template. If no core installed -- error message. And button to check for update when pressed. I know that some other plugins implemented uuto update this way . I do understand if someone provide plugin pack. In this case it makes sense to have async process somewhere that will check is new pack is available instead of injecting it into all pack's plugins.

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  • Because it is not the final version of version 4 yet. It is just a release candidate - a pre-release.

    Plus... I am not sure if i should keep that auto update in there ...

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