*Error* Unable to initialize the encoder. This most likely has to do with invalid combination of options.

  • Im trying to export my video in 1080p, VP9 and Opus format but Im getting this error. Does it mean I have to install the opus codec? How do I do that, when I go on their website http://opus-codec.org/downloads/ I just see source code with no instructions on how to install.

  • As far as I remeber this will be fixed with the 2.3 release. Should be out this weekend.

    Any alternative to export my video using these settings. Voukoder was the only plugin I could find that could export using these settings. Or is any older version compatible.

  • Normal export works, but not getting any output from voukoder. It like renders really fast for me (2.5 minute video), I dont even see the render bar when I click export, I dont know if that's supposed to happen. Is there a problem on my end?

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    Can you try to export with 48 kHz audio?

    Encoder opus [Opus]:

    General capabilities: delay small exp

    Threading capabilities: none

    Supported sample rates: 48000

    Supported sample formats: fltp

    Supported channel layouts: mono stereo

  • That did the trick, thank you so much!

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