4K 60FPS on Sony Vegas (Magix) settings

  • Hi all,

    Does anyone use voukoder to render files at 4K 60FPS on Sony Vegas (Magix)?

    I've following the settings laid out here (AMD Threadripper Encoding Guide) trying nvenc h264 (b=15000000 gpu=0 maxrate=20000000 preset=slow profile=high rc=vbr) and the resulting video quality is really bad. Any movement at all and the quality drops loooow.

    The original 4k file looks perfect. My PC spec is Ryzen 3900x, GTX 1080, 32Gb if that helps.

    By way of a test I rendered with the Magix Hevc/AAC MP4 2160p UHD template (adjusted to "Low latency - high quality" / CBR 240000000) and the render looks great. Huge file though!

    Thanks for the help :-)

  • I always recommend a quantizer based rate control instead of a bitrate based one. Set it to "Constant Quantizer" or CQP with a value of 15. Smaller values have better quality but larger filesize and vice versa.

    Simply said: You define the quality and bitrate will be determined automatically.