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  • hi, can you do pluguin for export atleast one ProRes in photoshop? we all want use ACR power in our videos but default video muxer in PS dont use GPU, and can render with effects only on jpg (in adecuate size) but even this works very bad and soo slow...also RAM issues here.. im with 16GB and can export only 114frames in 4k JPG with ACR NR only and smart sharpnes..only 2 plugs.. im so sad with this now.. we will be very happy if you can do atleast small of features, as ProRes only. best regards

  • A video exporter for PhotoShop? I didn't know you can export videos with PS.

    yes you can! and very long time..maybe from 2015 year?..

    and you can use all of it power// ACR, smart sharpness, lens destortion, layers..

    it very great, but... stock exporter is shit...if you can add your plugin working atleast with prores, it will be new step and many great people for this.

    best regards

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    Changed the title of the thread from “new ver?” to “Photoshop Plugin”.
  • The current VoukoderR2.prm connector for Adobe Media Encoder does not show in adobe photoshop 2022 despite installing in the proper location: "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop 2022\Required\DynamicLinkMediaServer\Plug-ins\Common" but I am assuming it's because it was made for Adobe Premiere. Can you please check if it isn't possible to make a modification so that it becomes compatible with the media encoder found in photoshop? The neural filters are the only reason I am reviving this thread in hopes of finally being able to export using the GPU properly.