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    also i dont know if it possible but can you do something with colors converting ?

    i notice that if i convert final proress4444 into 8bit mp4 it do black level more upp, and all blaks becomes gray...but if i out in mp4 10 bits its ok...

    i found problem in this video

    but it dont works for me, even i try 16-235 or 0-255, or unchek this "full depth"..nothing change

    i be happy if you can help me with this..

    hi i just get my new laptop with gtx1660Ti since my 1070 die in september....

    so i load all my settings and presets and get problems on new system...

    render 4k into in any preset mp4 cuda or prores or any..just take from video i think middle area in 1080p

    cut anything else and export in 1080p only this area...

    if i put in "filters" tab scale filter and set it in 1080p will video exports full size..but ofc in 1080p...

    UPD: if i put 4k prores file or any h264, in encoder with same presets it works good...but any bt2020 become croped

    but there is one more problem - it ignore color managment

    i work with bt2020 and in premiere i use colormanagment and get normal colors.

    but when i render it become like original w/o transforms...

    if i try use colorspace filter in filters tab, so any settings i combine, it get me crazy result..i think main reason - thereis no HLG in transfer gamma..

    also i just do little google, is it nessesary for voucoder to install 3GB cuda toolkit?

    i never install it before an was no problem but now idk..


    driver for studio 460.89, vouk7.1, prem14.7

    how to work properly with hevc bt2020?

    I have the ability to write videos in hevc 10bit bt2020 mp4

    but whatever software I try, it cannot show the correct colors.

    colors little shift into green ...its not oversaturated or overexp, just wrong colors.

    but, if I play this video on the phone in mx player or in VLC on the iPad,

    choosing hardware playback, the colors are converted and become correct ...

    choosing software playback, the colors are go into green same as montage soft.

    please tell me how to color/convert and output correctly this format ...?

    on the Internet I did not find any information at all .. quiet

    I work in the Premiere,but try Davinci and get same results with any Monitor settings in ProjectSettings..and any way to out it in rec709..

    also the converter plugin in Davinci do things just a little better but not correct at all, looks like it do only a half of job..

    You can take a look here for a detailed comparison of many Nvidia GPUs in terms of GPU encoding power and speed.

    thanks, but too many confusions.

    could you explain the details?

    for example, what does the letter U mean in the session limit - unlimited or unknown?

    if there is no limit, then what's the point in it, if there is 3 - the FPS is the same or higher?

    the same with transcode streams, the figure is higher - but the fps is the same ..

    total - everything except FPS does not have any reason to live ??

    The information in this thread is actually quite good.

    You should ask NVidia for more details.

    I wrote a couple of years ago in support, but they do not know anything and do not give detailed information ...

    only coders like you know this, since you use certain characteristics and see how differences occur on different maps, you can analyze and draw conclusions ..

    for us - users, it is not available ... except to buy a bunch of cards and conduct tests, but it will still not be clear whether the difference in architecture or the code used the capabilities of the characteristics.

    thank you but im still not belive that only chip is important and any specs not affect rendering time?

    because the price even for the professional series of Quadro can differ significantly.

    Vouk (Daniel), as developer you see with code what specs really in-use please answer concretely. cuda cores, fillrate, transistors, clockspeed?

    you are the only one who can say for sure, without guesswork.

    thank you


    now i chose new laptop and i dont know if i should overpay for 2060 over 1660Ti.

    can you say wich specs more "in-use" with voukoder?

    cuda cores? fillrate? transistors? maybe only clockspeed? i look gpuZ

    i see some tests, and it was around only 7% difference, but it was game and 3d tests...

    so im not shure i get some speed improovement with 2060.

    i do new test with new low logging and upd this topic


    00000 - is just project without anything, only neat-video use CPU-only setting

    00001 - is same as upper but change in sequence settings "frames" to "23.97fps timecode"

    11111 - is same as upper but change neat-video to use GPU-only setting

    ps. native MediaEncoder priset render it just fine at any options

    i was test one project with neat-video and get some error logs.

    so i upd it for another topic, but this topic bug still not come back even after this. so idk..

    btw. Voukoder can only encoder (with or without GPU) what it gets from premiere/the nle. So if premiere renders frames slowly it and does not give enough raw frames to voukoder, it will more or less wait for premiere and thus GPU load will decrease or even stall. That might be related to your projects complexity (filters, effects, ...).

    It seems to me that you completely did not read my post correctly. the above described here is nothing to do with.

    one project and the same settings, this is a bug .. but I do not know its trigger, so I described it in detail.

    i put log after if i get it again. but it take time, and i hope it dont come back.

    Well, it's probably too late to write logs.

    at the moment, everything continues to work as it should.

    I turned on for the future.

    also i’ll use neat video after, maybe I’ll catch a conflict.

    but I can’t find where this "deep log" is?

    it seems to be nowhere, Debug Database.txt is it it? or not


    I do not render the video very often, because this is my hobby.

    therefore, between each action there are decent lengths of time per month or more.

    but from some point in time, I noticed that the render began to happen very slowly.

    I opened the GPU-Z and saw that only the frequencies are loaded, and the load of the GPU (1070) itself is 0, or sometimes it jumps by 10%.

    then I connected it with updating the drivers for the creators, as the fall for the first time there was a division into gamers and creators.

    I updated the vocoder first. did not help. I give up on some time.

    Then I updated the driver and voucoder at the same time. did not help. I also updated the media encoder from 2019 to the last 2020..

    I again left this business on some time.

    today I rendered again, and it was small video without effects, so i need be fast to just test, but it was so slow that make me crazy.

    i tried all my prisets, even with the R1 version, and could not understand what was the matter.

    then I decided to check my guess, and after downloading the preset from R1 I changed the "high quality" item to "default" in it,

    because I remember that this affects the loading of the GPU.

    and wow! GPU began to loaded at 100%.

    I returned the high quality -

    and eeemmmm.... the GPU is working again.

    "whats up man? 10sec ago you couldt eat it.. c'mon ."

    next, I do load all other my prisets with R2, and now GPU loading correct and always and everywhere...

    I can’t understand at what point and why it stopped connecting the GPU and why it suddenly saw again ..

    maybe this will come back again in my next project? ..

    I don’t know. I hope not.

    I noticed that there are some conflicts with the neat-video, in the fight who uses the GPU resource and also it memory ..

    maybe it somehow knocks the plugin.. but then the reboot should solve the problem ..

    this time there were no plugins therefore that was my last point.

    SO I decided to let you know my experience, because suffered with this for almost six months.

    but because of my laziness and the fact that this is not my main occupation, I did not really worry.

    Best regards

    A video exporter for PhotoShop? I didn't know you can export videos with PS.

    yes you can! and very long time..maybe from 2015 year?..

    and you can use all of it power// ACR, smart sharpness, lens destortion, layers..

    it very great, but... stock exporter is shit...if you can add your plugin working atleast with prores, it will be new step and many great people for this.

    best regards

    so here is a simply FPS bug, it export 7sec video to 14min with this problem..

    if i disable checbox and setup manual it exports fine

    Hi, sometimes it conflict with NeatVideo. i think it is some memory conflicts

    i have 2 same projects with same scene but different videos, and only neat video plugin inside. i try to export it in prores4444.

    so one is exporting withot problems, but long one everytime error, on 1sec or 3sec..

    i try 1ver of voucoder, and last, same problem.. i try to reset PC and etc..try to render 5-6 it cant.

    but when i start use default quicktime codec in AME, not NVENC, i export same Prores4444 and it exported just fine///

    here is a log.

    Exporter returned bad result.

    Writing with exporter: Voukoder R2

    Writing to file: E:\filmic\

    Around timecode: 00:00:02:15 - 00:00:02:16

    Component: Voukoder R2 of type Exporter

    Selector: 9

    Error code: 20


    - Encoding Time: 00:01:09

    09/10/2019 01:37:33 PM : Encoding Failed


    Voukoder R2

    Failed writing video frame #61. (Error code: -22)

    Export Error

    Exporter returned bad result.

    Writing with exporter: Voukoder R2

    Writing to file: E:\filmic\

    Around timecode: 00:00:02:14 - 00:00:02:15

    Component: Voukoder R2 of type Exporter

    Selector: 9

    Error code: 20


    - Encoding Time: 00:01:20

    09/10/2019 01:40:26 PM : Encoding Failed


    Voukoder R2

    Failed writing video frame #89. (Error code: -22)

    Export Error

    Exporter returned bad result.

    Writing with exporter: Voukoder R2

    Writing to file: E:\filmic\

    Around timecode: 00:00:03:00 - 00:00:03:00

    Component: Voukoder R2 of type Exporter

    Selector: 9

    Error code: 20


    hi, can you do pluguin for export atleast one ProRes in photoshop? we all want use ACR power in our videos but default video muxer in PS dont use GPU, and can render with effects only on jpg (in adecuate size) but even this works very bad and soo slow...also RAM issues here.. im with 16GB and can export only 114frames in 4k JPG with ACR NR only and smart sharpnes..only 2 plugs.. im so sad with this now.. we will be very happy if you can do atleast small of features, as ProRes only. best regards

    Unfortunately b-frames in hevc are only supported with RTX cards.

    eeeemm...why? nothing new in RTX...

    i look again sorry old preset was for h264 NVENC. but it sad nothing new in new cards to do this limit exept of shi.. rays