Encoding problem AMD-AMF With CBR (not perfect with high bitratr) but VBR => OK )

  • hi,

    when encoding in CBR (20000 kbit) many on my video have problem when reading them but if i change to VBR PEAK (20000kbit) it's ok

    Current Setting : b=20000000 level=6.2 profile=high quality=quality rc=cbr => bug (i join screenshot)

    Changed to : b=20000000 level=6.2 profile=high quality=quality rc=vbr_peak => it's PERFECT

    My GPU is AMD RX580 4GB

    i join a screenshot with 2 zone where you can see what happen , and i found this bug when video are more than 25 minutes duration

    i'd like to precise i made all my capture with Mirrilis ACTION with encoding hardware GPU (AMD) and in the original capture i dont have any kind of problem with CBR capture.... so it's not an hardware problem...

  • This is not a bug. These are encoding artifacts and mean you have to optimize your settings.

    You try to encoding with 20 Mbit/s. I don't know the resolution or the fps, but most likely this is not enough.

    • Try to avoid bit rate based rate controls and use quality / quantizer based rate controls instead (unless you aim for a specific file size i.e. for DVD/BD authoring).
    • Don't set a level if you just want to upload to youtube. Levels are needed when your rendered videos should be played on certain hardware decoders. But YT re-encodes all videos again anyway.

    Try this simple settings:

    profile=high qp=23 quality=quality rc=cqp

    And if the quality is bad decrease the "qp" value until you are happy with the video quality.

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  • Vouk

    Added the Label Not a bug