Exported sequences to H264 mp4 - first two frames are missing

  • I'm using PPro CC 2015.2 and recognized, that exported H264 mp4 sequences are missing the first two frames. Changing Audio codec to libfdk doesn't change anything. If using nvenc for exporting sequences all frames are complete. Is this a known behavior?

  • I did some more tests and I found out, that the param B-Pyramid is the cause of the missing first and second frame. If I set it to "disable", sequences are encoded completely. If it is set to "strict" or "normal" (or left unchecked as default) the first two frames are cut off.

    So now I know, why - and it is probably no plug-in bug. Btw, what is the recommended setting for B-Pyramid? Normal, strict or better disabled?

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    From what I've read the default value "normal" is the recommended one. (Unless you are creating a BluRay compatible output)

    thank you

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    Added the Label Not a bug