Support for alternative PP and AME Audio encoders

  • Hi,

    I use the SurCode Dolby Digital Audio Encoder from Minnetonka for PP and AME and unfortunately it is not possible to use it in combination with the Voukoder Video Export plugin, as it is not listed under "Audio". Is there a possibility to support the SurCode Audio Encoder within Voukoder as well, so to support other third Party Audio Encoders?

    Currently, I need to Export everything with Voukoder, Export again just the DD Audio track with SurCode, demux the Voukoder stream with ffmpeg and remux the Voukoder Video with the SurCode Audio track, which is always quite time consuming.

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  • Actually, I don't know if SurCode is supported by ffmpeg. I am only using AME for all exports and ffmpeg currently only for (de-)muxing.

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