Please add support for 10-bit x264 / tmod

  • This is kind of 2 requests in one.

    For one, it would be awesome if the tmod x264 version was selectable, as it has some extra parameters that I like to use to improve my encodes. This is the one I mean:

    Second, I love encoding at 10 bit for a bit more efficiency and better dark values for potential screenshots/regrades. I know there's no hardware acceleration, but could this be made possible somehow either way? A 10 bit version is included with the tmod version.

    I believe the relevant branch for the code is t_mod_New

    I have no idea how much work this would be, so I'm just throwing it out there for your consideration. At least a 10 bit variant would be very nice, even if its not tmod.

  • Oh, didn't realize that, thanks for the info! Speed isn't important.

    The difference in tmod are a few extra settings, mostly aq-related afaik, see this screenshot from the --fullhelp:

    In particular I found the OreAQ setting of --aq3-mode rather useful as well as --aq3-boundary (helped preserve more details in shadows and highlights in my test by setting it to fullrange values). It plays together rather nicely with a strong normal AQ, as the normal AQ at higher intensities tends to lose detail around edges, which OreAQ restores.

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