Set target quality level (CQ) for HEVC_Nvenc encoder

  • The hevc_nvenc encoder supports constant quality mode ( -cq parameter ) for VBR rate control. It offers better quality than 2 pass VBR and gives better perceived quality than CQP at the same bitrate.

    From ffmpeg -h encoder=hevc_nvenc :

    1. -cq <float> E..V..... Set target quality level (0 to 51, 0 means automatic) for constant quality mode in VBR rate control (from 0 to 51) (default 0)

    It would be nice if you could add this option! Thank you!;)

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  • I implemented this for h264 and h265/hevc.

    1. b=15000000 bufsize=15000000 cq=5 gpu=0 maxrate=15000000 rc=vbr

    available in 2.0-beta5

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