Released Voukoder 2.0 (BETA)

  • This is the first public beta release of Voukoder R2.

    It is a beta release and it is absolutely not recommended to use it for production work. You will use it on your own risk!

    Please test this release carefully and yes, try to break it! Try to produce bugs and crashes and report your findings to me. I was working almost 7 months on this new version and did the best I could to get it this far. But now it's on you to provide some testing feedback. Please use the new Voukoder R2 subforum: Voukoder R2

    I did not implement all requested features yet. For me it is more important to get the base system running, and once we got it that far I will work on your requests and ideas.


    P.S.: Your donations and your support are very welcome. PayPal, Patreon and wire transfer are possible and I would be also very happy about hardware donations. I especially need high performance (And I mean it! ;) ) CPUs / systems. Just contact me in that case.

    P.P.S: Thanks to Gronkh for beeing my first top tier patron on patreon!

    P.P.P.S: Doing my final testing on my i7 8700K / RTX 2080 TI setup I got like 430fps encoding speed! (2048x1152@60 with h264 NVENC / aac) and CS6. I STILL can't believe that!!

  • Vouk

    Changed the title of the thread from “Released Voukoder 2.0.0-beta1” to “Released Voukoder 2.0-beta1”.
  • Vouk

    Changed the title of the thread from “Released Voukoder 2.0-beta1” to “Released Voukoder 2.0 (BETA)”.
  • BETA 3


    • (libfdk-aac) Fixed libfdk-aac encoder
    • (x264) Fixed rate control selection issue when reopening editor dialog
    • (x264, x265) Pixel format limits profile selection
    • (x264, x265) Fixed error that settings cannot be saved
    • (nvenc) Min. required driver version is 418.81 (and remains!)


    • Added "Render with maximum bit depth" (But it's REALLY slow!)
    • Added a logfile GUI tab
    • Improved the "Could not open encoder" error message
    • Added filesize estimation from version 1
  • BETA 4


    • (nvenc_hevc) Fixing main10 profile
    • (vp8,vp9) Fixed storing and loading strategy options
    • Showing help text for each encoder option again
    • Fixed exporting is slow when using max. render quality and activated max. render precision
    • Fixed default frame size in AME preset creation


    • Added multilanguage support
    • Added some audio only formats
  • BETA 5


    • (fdkaac) Fixed storing basic settings
    • (libx265) Fixed strategy selection
    • (libx265) Added 2-pass functionality
    • Creating a unique passlog file for each voukoder instance


    • Added german translation
    • Removed libav low-level log output and improved encoding speed
    • Added more high level logging
    • Moved language selection to settings category