high quality for filmmaker color davinci resolve

  • Hello there

    I've been using vocoder and Rendering via GPU, but I haven't seen any better results

    can you tell me how to render with some video quality boost

    hi i use vocoder via davinci resolution at 6k 4k settings via gpu. the quality is not very good

    If you know how to improve the quality, send a screenshot, thanks in advance!

    my computer settings

    RTX 3060 12GB

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  • For great quality, you'll need CPU encoding (e.g., x265), not GPU. If you want speed but are content with okay/decent quality, you would use GPU (e.g., NVENC).

    That said, there are quite a few threads on this site related to settings for getting the most out of your CPU/GPU encoding. I suggest you take a look through them.

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  • Lower the CRF value? 17 should be quite good. Personally I use x264 for final renders and while not fast I have a modern CPU and it works well enough for when quality is the main goal.