Dynamic file naming

  • Output-file naming is a problem in VoukoderPro. To date, including the current version (, file naming choices are: either completely custom, or completely set by the NLE.

    For one thing, if you manually set the file name in your VoPro Scene, this makes it super easy (barely an inconvenience) to accidentally overwrite a previous render, because all output files encoded with that Scene will have the same name.

    If you're using VoPro to encode multiple formats from the same NLE render, you cannot use the NLE-supplied name because then all your output files are simultaneously attempting to have the same name. Chaos ensues (although VoPro now has a lockout in this situation and will refuse to encode at all).

    Further, if you are using the Render Regions function in Vegas, each rendered region file will overwrite the previous one. If you rendered 3 regions, you'd be left with only a single video file which would contain the last region rendered. The first 2 regions will be lost, overwritten.

    Would be nice to see some rule-based dynamic naming functions. For instance:

    • Perhaps a function for simple sequential naming. I.E., if "00000.mp4" exists, name output "00001.mp4". Or an unconditional master counter, like the log file naming system.
    • Suffix-based naming with wildcards, based on the filename supplied by the NLE. I.E., NLE filename: "Lost in the Woods.mp4", VoPro options: "%NLEfilename - %VoProScene - %seq.mp4", VoPro output filenames would be something like: "Lost in the Woods - Monochrome 8K - 00000.mp4" and "Lost in the Woods - 192 kbps ABR - 00000.mp3".
    • Date- and time-based names.

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    Please check out version 0.7.3.

    Supporting these variables in the file name:

    $(OutputAbsoluteFileName)Absolute full file namec:\users\daniel\Desktop\videos\ExampleVideo.mp4
    $(OutputFilePath)File pathc:\users\daniel\Desktop\videos
    $(OutputFileName)File name (w/o extension)ExampleVideo
    $(OutputFileExtension)File extension.mp4
    $(Year)Current year2023
    $(Month)Current month11
    $(Day)Current day21
    $(Hours)Current hours17
    $(Minutes)Current minutes31
    $(Seconds)Current seconds59
  • Is $(OutputFileName) supposed to include the filename extension? It currently does, as seen in above screenshots. Only reason I ask: there is a separate $(OutputFileExtension) variable.

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    Okay, I improved it even more. You can now even execute JavaScript in the file name using


    So you'll have all the freedom you want for dynamizing your filename.