"Unsupported Codec and Format"

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    There is an issue with DVR 17.4.5 and external plugins:

    From what it seems this is related to the usage of a custom format container that is used to send video- and audio data over to the main voukoder application. But this issue is not limited to voukoder only, it is happening with other external plugins (i.e. MainConcept, etc) as well. I tried to investigate it but as of today it seems this is a bug inside DVR.

    As a workaround please reinstall version 17.4.4 or it revert using a Windows system restore point.


  • Confirm that Voukoder is no longer recognised in Resolve 17.4.5. Though in my case Cineform is working fine in 17.4.5. Had to switch to Cineform when Voukoder failed to render with "Unsupported Codec and Format.

  • Render error occurs when attempting to render ProRes file out of Resolve on latest release of Resolve (17.4). No setting change seems to fix it. Occurs with YUV 4:4:4, YUV 4:2:2, YUV 4:2:0, RGB 8-Bit types, ProRes KS & ProRes AW (likely other options as well), PCM & AAC audio (likely other options as well), all frame rate and resolution options.

    "Render job batch item 1 has an unsupported codec and format selected. Please select another codec and format to continue."

  • Hi All

    Current Voukoder App 10.2 and Connector 0.8.1 are now working in Resolve 17.4.6 as of 28 March 2022.

    Thanks again Peter Chamberlain. Great job.

    Chris Young

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    Set the Label from In Progress to Fixed
  • *&#$*@

    Sad to say I had a request for two Prores INTERLACE renders. Set Resolve's output to interlace 50i processing and the minute you hit 'render' Resolve crashes out :( That is with Resolve 17.4.6 and Voukoder v11.0