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    I can confirm this problem now. Since I have upgraded from Version 2.1.0 to 2.2 I also have this problem with 2 pass.

    Edit: When the second pass starts this error appears at every frame:

    Yes SVT-Vp9 and SVT-AV1 are pretty experimental. SVT-HEVC works without the two others fine on my side. I think implementing SVT-HEVC is ok, but with the two others we should wait a while. I have done a lot of encoding and stability tests with SVT-HEVC in voukoder now and everything worked.

    Edit: I can upload a Voukoder .prm file with SVT-HEVC included if you want to test some encodings ;)

    A single encoding process can only be done by one GPU. What would be possible: If you have multiple encodings like one in Premiere and one in Media Encoder, that you assign each encoding one specific GPU.

    Maybe it could be possible that Voukoder supports parallel encoding for Media Encoder in the future, but at this point Vouk has a lot more knowledge.

    SVT-HEVC is working fine without any freeze or memory leak. Exporting a video file works as well :)

    Performance is also impressive compared to default hevc (1080p default encoder settings):

    Exported 5278 frames in 46 seconds. (avg. 113 fps)

    CPU usage was all the time at 100% :)

    The smallest resolution I could set without the exception was 1280x720. I have also tested SVT-Av1 in release mode now with this lower resolution. Premiere freeze hasn't stopped in general, but I could open export window more often without freezing with this lower resolution (something around 3/10 times it works instead of 1/10). For now we should wait a while as you said, before implementing it finally. I will test SVT-HEVC and SVT-VP9 in the next days if they have the same issue in release mode and write my results down here :)

    I think I have maybe found a fix and an speed improvement in general :)

    Setting the resolution to HD instead of FHD speeds up loading times of every video codec. For SVT-AV1 it means RAM usage only goes at 9 GB and the loading time from 9 seconds to 2,5 seconds in debug mode.

    I will test later in release mode. I have attachted a screenshot with the lines in the source code (EncoderUtils.cpp).

    When opening the export window and svt-av1 is initialized to check if the codec is available, the ram usage goes up to 12 GB from 4GB. In visual studio you can also see that there are a lot of threads which are starting when svt-av1 is loaded. This scenario appears only when svt-av1 is loaded. You can see it in the screenshot below

    If I skip the check with this code:

    if (id == "libsvt_av1") {
                            EncoderInfo encoderInfo;
                            if (EncoderUtils::Create(encoderInfo, jsonResource))
                            return TRUE;

    everything works normal.

    It's really strange, sometimes when running premiere it doesn't freeze when opening the export window and I can export a video with svt-av1. But i can't say whats the exact thing that causes the freeze, expect compiling in release mode.

    But I have also noticed that opening the export window in premiere when compiled in debug mode, premiere is not responding for 1-3 seconds, but then it gets its act together again.

    I think it could be something with the C/c++ optimizations when compiling, because in debug mode it works every time on my side, except the little not responding time.

    When building everything in debug mode Premiere doesn't freeze and I have also tested an export with SVT-AV1 and it worked. The video file looks good so far :) But the question is why it does freeze in release mode?

    I had also a problem with libx264 in debug mode. I got this error every time when compiling ffmpeg with --enable-libx264:

    Has anyone an idea to solve that error?

    When building libmfx in debug mode, I got this error: "checking whether the c++ compiler"

    The config.log file says this:

    Building in release mode works fine. I don't now what I am doing wrong when building in debug mode.

    Unfortunately Premiere seems to hang when opening media export in release mode. Can you reproduce that?

    Yes i have that issue in release mode too. I can't test it in debug mode because I could't build some libs with debug mode (there was a g++ error that -MDd was unknown, I'm trying to fix that to test in debug mode).