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    The best Voukoder 5 settings for Youtube quality when exporting in 1440 or 2160p? Something that can make the best of the compression that the file will have to endure?

    I'm having weird audio compression problems lately, but I'd like to know if there's been any discussion over this matter.

    Are there settings that I can use that will be better than "leaving it at that"? :saint:

    Youtube will re-encode anything you upload so it's best to keep your original video at highest quality possible; so go with a low CRF say ~12 and keep audio lossless.

    Following this topic...follow up question: I'm uploading my videos to a Chinese video site, Bilibili. They have a 7G limit for file size...I've only been increasing the quantitizer so files can be smaller. Is there a setting, while maintaining decent quality, that will help make the file size smaller?

    Take a look at iAvoe's post and scroll down to x265 Slow Hard

    Use Preset: Medium, slow is 3x slower than medium and medium is already very slow to encode

    I'll change Sample Adaptive Offset to No though, I'm not a fan of it's smoothing effect.

    Base CRF off length and frame rate of your video

    Using CRF24 should be enough for 2h movie and stay under 7GB

    Audio: Vorbis

    Strategy: VBR

    Bitrate: Not sure if your doing Stereo or surround, See Opus Recommended Settings for appropriate bitrate

    Sure but remuxing takes a lot of time especially when working with a number of large files. Unfortunately I don't have a RAID array or enough SSD storage to speed up the process so a direct import into PPro is much easier.

    Voukoder is not a plugin that you put into PPro's plugin folder. You install it like any other program by running the msi file and also install the Connector: Premiere 1.2.5 program as well.

    From my experience with NVENC, it bloats bitrate very quickly when there's movement in the video, perhaps your drone footage had quite a lot of movement? Also you shouldn't judge quality of the video just by it's bitrate when your using a contant quality, maybe try a CPU encoder like x264 or x265 with CRF 15 and see how they perform?