CQP is not working with AMD AMF

  • My System:

    OS: Win10 Home

    CPU: Ryzen 5 2500u

    iGPU: Vega 8 (2gb shared, but dedicated)

    RAM: 16gb

    Software: media encoder 2020 14.0.2 (codec not showing in list of premiere pro 2020 14.0.2)

    Settings: H.264 4k

    CQP 5 and CQP 15 give same quality of video (not surprised because the file size is almost the same at 53mb) . CBR 50000 gives better quality (file size: 1.2gb) than both CQP settings.

    without codec, adobe 4k export file is 998mb, however takes longer to process

    Also, I don't know if this is related, but my RAM is not being fully utilized when using voukoder.... resource monitor only shows 5~6gb is being used by adobe even if I have set adobe to use 13gb of RAM (without voukoder, adobe uses 7~8gb ram when exporting).

    Is there anyone who can help?