4K UHD Exporting settings from Premiere Pro 2020

  • Hello!

    I am new here and I started to use Voukoder recently.

    I am exporting 4K UHD footage from a source video XAVC-S 25fps@ 80-100mbs VBR, from a Sony Camera (shot on tripod).

    I am also exporting 4k UHD footage from a source video H264 25fps@ 100mbs, from Mavir Air drone

    I created an export profile using Voukoder codec (please check images in attachemt).

    Encoder: HEVC (NVIDEA NVENC)

    GPU: GeForce GTX 1070

    Compute Capability 6.1

    Bit depth: 10 bit

    Preset: Blu-Ray

    Profile: Main

    Tier: High

    Strategy: Constant Quantizer (QP)

    Quantizer: 15

    Everything went well but the exported files have huge diferences in datarate.

    The drone footage has 125Mb/s bitrate while the Tripod Footage from the Sony camera has only 19.8 Mb/s

    This is quite a diference in bitrate taking into consideration that I am using the same profile / export settings. The only diference is that the drone footage has no audio. The Sony / tripod footage has audio.

    Can someone explain me why is such a diference in the bitrate of the exported footage?

    19.8Mb/s seams to be very low datarate for a 4k UHD video file. The video looks good but I am afraid that the datarate is not good/high enough for delivering this to a client.

    Thank you in advance.

  • From my experience with NVENC, it bloats bitrate very quickly when there's movement in the video, perhaps your drone footage had quite a lot of movement? Also you shouldn't judge quality of the video just by it's bitrate when your using a contant quality, maybe try a CPU encoder like x264 or x265 with CRF 15 and see how they perform?