Problem with different resolutions in Media Encoder

  • I'm seeing a weird result when I queue multiple projects with different resolutions in Media Encoder...


    • Clear the queue in Media Encoder, close it.
    • Make 2 Premiere projects with 640x480 and 1280x720 resolutions. I just used the "Bars and Tone" built into Premiere as the video.
    • Export settings: "match source" width/height/etc selected, x264 + "Good Quality" preset in Voukoder.
    • Export 640x480, then 1280x720 to Media Encoder.
    • Start AME encoding.

    The result: 640x480 seems correct. The 1280x720 is cropped to 640x480.

    If I queue the 1280x720 first, then 640x480, the 1280x720 is correct, but the 640x480 fails to encode.

    I re-installed v2.3 and no problem with it.

  • Vouk

    Added the Label Fixed