Error -2147483​ / Stop Convert

  • Hi,

    1- I setup and convert testing yesterday.

    2- I use "nvenc 1.11" other project today. (Installed GPAC for mp4box and nero)

    3- Now, Premier and MediaEncoder not working with Voukoder 2.

    4- I removed Nvenc 1.11, GPAC, MP4box, Voukoder and Reinstalled Voukoder but not change this error.

    What is change on computer:

    Installed: ASUS GPU TweakII, VLC Portable, Teamviewer, GPAC

    Nvida Driver: 441.28 DCH


  • Thanks for this very detailed error report.

    [15:36:17] Timebase: 815626929/612929536 (0.75 fps)

    I guess this is because of the strange framerate of 27.01 fps in your project. Can you try disabling "Match Source" for the framerate in premieres video tab and select a proper one?

    Help to improve this plugin and support me on patreon or paypal. Thank you.

  • Okey and Thanks. I find the Problem.

    If i import original scene from premier and no touch any video setting(come with 5fps), i have error.


    If i change frame rate(5fps again or Pal/NTSC), no problem. Interesting :D I'm amateur sorry.

    Good lesson for beginner. Thanks. (Solution in the attached video)

  • Vouk

    Added the Label Not fixable