NVENC doesn't work but non-NVENC encoding does

  • Hey!

    I am using Premiere 2019, GTX1070 with latest drivers and latest Voukoder.

    It works on non-NVENC encoder options but when I choose NVENC encoder I get an error with this from the log file:

    [09:12:12] ---------------------------------------------

    [09:12:12] Export started

    [09:12:12] ---------------------------------------------

    [09:12:12] Frame size: 1920x1080

    [09:12:12] Pixel aspect: 1:1

    [09:12:12] Frame rate: 23.98

    [09:12:12] Interlaced: No

    [09:12:12] Color range: tv

    [09:12:12] Color space: bt709

    [09:12:12] Color primaries: bt709

    [09:12:12] Color TRC: bt709

    [09:12:12] Sample rate: 48000

    [09:12:12] Audio channels: 6

    [09:12:12] ---------------------------------------------

    [09:12:12] Opening codec: h264_nvenc with options: gpu=0

    [09:12:12] Failed opening codec: h264_nvenc

    [09:12:12] Unable to open video encoder: h264_nvenc

    [09:12:12] Closing encoders ...

    [09:12:12] Unable to initialize the encoder.

    This has most likely to do with an invalid combination of options.

    Make sure there is at least one free NVENC session and close all other programs that make use of NVENC.

    Nothing is chekced.

    Thank you for your software and help!