Best Voukoder options for upscaling GH5 H.264 AVC 4:2:2 intra to 4:4:4 intra (for acceleration) ?

  • Hello,

    Looking for the best possible settings to convert H.264 AVC 4:2:2 ALL-I (intra) 10-bit video from GH5 native files to upconvert to 4:4:4 10-bit to preserve detail.

    I currently want to test the Hardware GPU for reading 4:4:4 natively in H.264 at 10bit versus the 4:2:2 10-bit on the timeline as its not supported in hardware acceleration. Rather than go to ProRes (which i know is faster). I will be comparing ProRes performance to Hardware based Decode for 4:4:4 files.


  • I guess what i am really looking for is a guide to explain all of the different options and presets for the NVEnc H.264 as i am trying to export footage and its coming up with a lot of export errors. Has anyone written a walkthrough guide for each of the export options yet?

  • Okay i think i narrowed down the problem to the lossless H.264 profile. I keep getting an error which ever options i throw at it for NVEnc.. however when i do the same thing with NVEnc Hevc i have no issues! Is this a bug?

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