Support for forcing hvc1 tag on HEVC video

  • Thanks for a great encoder, saved a lot of time to create and export videos.

    I hope that voukoder would able to set a tag of HEVC video to hvc1 instead of hev1. The video with hev1 is not playable on QuickTime, macOS.

    Currently I manually convert the files by ffmpeg with -tag:v hvc1.

    Any options and improvements would be very appreciated.


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    This is planned. I've had a similar request for h264, too.

    I just need to find out how to do this correctly.

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  • Any update on this? I encoded a file with x265 and all the Apple users I gave it to cannot open it. I used to encode them with HandBrake, which had the same problem once; I thought Apple fixed it, since the HandBrake files work fine on Apple devices now, but apparently HandBrake changed their tag to conform to Apple's (unnecessary) restrictions.

    Can we have this at least as an option? (I know, it means rendering to Apple's oppression, but what can we do now?..)

  • Actually, forget it. I just discovered that HEVC is not supported in any free browser, so I will not use it anymore. I guess I'll continue with AVC (H.264) until AV1 matures.