• While researching more on AV1 encoding. I came across this on reddit to encode a video base off the VMAF score called ab-av1

    it Uses ffmpeg, svt-av1 & vmaf together to encode the video.

    This could be interesting as it can help people with not as much knowledge like me encode videos in good quality without tinkiering through a lot of settings.

    It can be found here. https://github.com/alexheretic/ab-av1

  • I remember VMAF is pretty CPU heavy (likely to be wrong), I would say leave it for a faster rendering or more compression, plus we have some decent x265 settings loaded in there already.I personally would say transport film grain optimization algorithm (FGO, by DarkShikari?) in x264 to x265 & AV1 would be a greater boost in lossy encoding quality than VMAF, though