Vokoder 11.x - zscale filter stretch images

  • Hello,

    I used Voukoder 10.2 for encoding h264 mp4 videos in 1280x720 for web purposes. I usually render them in Adobe Premiere and in DaVinci Resolve 17. The scaling of the timeline resolution to the desired 720p is done by voukoder by the internal zscale filter (lanczos). This gives me the best result, much better than scaling it in the editing software.

    After upgrading to the 11.1 version the zscale encoded clips look somehow shrinked or - in some parts of the picture - they look a bit stretched. It looks like zscale is skipping some lines. This happens with the current connector versions in Adobe premiere and in Resolve - after reinstalling the older 10.2 version (connector plugins staying the same) everything's working normal again. So it must have something to do with changes of the 11.x version. I also checked version 11beta3 - same behavior.

    Can someone confirm this behavior? Thank you!