What H.264 settings to use to support all latest web browsers

  • Hi.

    Can't get videos to play on website in Safari on iOS 13 on iPhone or iPad.

    Using latest Voukoder 11.1 version in After Effects on Windows.

    Videos in Safari work fine after AfterCodecs, but not after Voukoder.

    Tried to export with H.264/H.265 or HEVC, all works fine, but not in iOS devices with Safari.

    What options should I set for example for H.264 to make it work?

    Not found any topics on this issue on forum.

    I should note that when I save a video in 4:2:0 or 4:2:2, the colors are washed out, red and green colors becoming almost gray. The video is a 10-second animated simple graphics for the website. So there should be probably 4:4:4 to support original colors.

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