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    iAvoe I've also downloaded 5RC2 now to test your presets. High Quality, High Compression would run like 24 hrs for a 30min video? Is that normal? I'm on Ryzen 3700X and GTX 1070.

    And the more interesting thing is that the high quality preset always fails. The lossless (fast) preset as well. Adobe Media Encoder logs this:

    Adobe Premiere

    Es war nicht möglich den Encoder zu initialisieren.

    Dieser Fehler tritt meinstens bei einer ungültigen Parameterkonfiguration auf.

    Which means that this parameterconfig isn't valid.

    Did you tried this one Vouk ?

    iAvoe okay thank you! I wasn't able to set denoise and GPU acc. Is that also in Voukoder on the settings page? And with --no-psy for example you mean no-psy=yes or no-psy=1 in boolean, right?

    When I start to render a 30 min 1080p/60fps video with the given settings the rest time just increases and increases to more than 10 hrs but there is no progress. I think something is wrong or does it really need so much time?

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