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    Sorry, I posted about this in the "future of Voukoder" thread before I saw this!

    Ideally, I'd like to be able to output as many tracks as there are in the original source file. We work with a lot of network TV shows and films and they will sometimes send us show masters containing 24 tracks of audio. Sometimes the sources will have only 5 mono channels, containing split-audio tracks (dialogue, sound effects, music etc on separate mono channels). So flexibility in the amount of channels is important.

    We need to transcode these sources to lower-quality ProRes Proxy media for editing in Adobe Premiere (we prefer to use Resolve for making these proxies), and the audio channel configuration of the proxies must match the original sources EXACTLY, in order to use the proxy workflow in Premiere.

    There will be an exciting update on this in 2023. How many tracks do you need? ;)

    Are there any updates to multichannel audio support in the Resolve plugin?

    I was hoping Voukoder would be my solution for being able to render ProRes Proxy media for editorial purposes on Windows, but the lack of multichannel audio totally shattered my hopes!