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    Voukoder does not use the Sequence resolution. It uses the resolution from the export dialog. It should work if the sequence resolution matches the export resolution.

    Read the Edit from my last comment. You should be able to replicate my issue if you do what i mention. I've been able to replicate it every single time. If you do one encode at one resolution and then change it to another resolution in Sequence Settings and do another encode. It will output an encode at the resolution used in the first encode. I'm not sure what is causing it, but it shows the proper resolution on the output from Premiere so something is happening between Premiere and Voukoder that messes up the resolution.

    I know it never automatically applied crop filters, but it use to properly read the Sequence Settings resolution and now that doesn't seem to be the case or the crop filter that you added is making it override the sequence settings or something.


    If you import a 1920x1080 file for example into Premiere and then manually change the resolution via the Sequence Settings to something like 800x1080 and then try to export it into a WebM/VP9. Voukoder will no longer properly output that 800x1080 file. It will output a 1920x1080 file, but the video will be from that 800x1080 sequence, but repeated a few times with green bars between it @ 1920x1080 instead of 800x1080.

    The only way it seems to properly output the 800x1080 file now is by manually adding that resolution into a crop via filters. You used to be able to just change the resolution in Sequence Settings and it would properly output the file. It no longer does this anymore.

    Edit: I figured out what is happening. It's not properly updating the resolution from the Sequence Settings if you encode a scene at one resolution and then change the resolution in the Sequence Settings.

    Example. If you encode one scene @ 1920x960 and then go into the Sequence Settings and change the resolution to 700@960. It won't actually send that resolution to the encoder for some reason. It sends the original resolution from the first encode, that being 1920x960. I was able to replicate this a few times.

    I did one encode @ 1920x1080 and then changed the resolution to 800x1080 via Sequence Settings and it still output a 1920x1080 video, but with video from the 800x1080 Sequence Settings. So something is causing Voukoder to not properly update the resolution after the first encode.

    My source file is 1920x960. I changed it to 700x960 in Sequence Settings to make a simple WebM for Reddit meant to be viewed on phones, but now instead of outputting that resolution. It just copies the 700x960 file over and over again to fit into a 1920x960 encode with green bars between it. I can't seem to find any settings to stop this from happening.

    The voukoder log shows 1920x960 and no mention of 700x960 so it seems like it's not properly reading the Sequence Settings or something.

    I didn't have this issue on the older version that i was using. I just updated to the latest version since my old version didn't even need a connector module, so it was really outdated. I'll most likely go back to the old version though if i can't figure out how to get past this.

    Edit: It seems to be caused by the built in cropping option that you added to Voukoder. Anyway to allow us to bypass this and just use the sequence settings?

    I'm running Premiere Pro v13.1.2 on a Zen 2 Ryzen 3700x. I'm not sure if that is causing the crashing or if it's just something in the latest versions of the program that change something? Voukoder 2.0.8 is the last version that will work for me properly though.

    I'm trying export files using VP9/WebM with Opus audio. The problem is that if i use a newer version of the program the drop down boxes to select anything don't work and it freezes Premiere up for me while trying and then it just crashes after hanging for a while, but version 2.0.8 still works fine for me.

    I know this isn't a big deal. It just makes more work for me having to check if the source is using full colors or limited. I was wondering why a output of mine was really dark and figured out it was because of using full colors instead of limited.

    Could we have it auto select it if you check a box next to those options or is that not possible for it to tell if the source is limited or full etc?

    Can you allow us to auto select the source/Sequence settings during the export? It doesn't seem to read the sequence settings and i end up having to update all them. This isn't really a major problem, but it is kind of annoying.

    Maybe add the option to copy source settings like the original encoder does?

    [Blocked Image:]

    There is what i'm talking about. You can make auto fill in the sequence settings on the original encoder. While i have to go in and edit it manually each time using voukoder.