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    Is there any where you might point me to to learn further about these terms? ABR, CRF or CQ(P).

    I recommend Werner Robitza's Understanding Rate Control Modes (x264, x265, vpx) article for a quick-ish rundown.

    Using H.264, H.265, and VP8/9 codec specs for reference...

    Average Bit Rate (ABR)

    A.K.A Target Bitrate

    Like the other modes you mentioned, this is a variable bit rate (VBR) mode.

    If you have time to kill and you want to maximize quality, you can also employ 2-pass encoding. This pre-analyzes footage to find the best way to quantize and store its data.

    This mode indirectly controls quality, is often paired with an optional Max Bit Rate, and has no minimum bit rate. As Vouk said, setting this parameter is the best for outputting to a certain file size.

    Resolution, color bit depth, and frame rate are the most important factors when considering video bit rate. Consider the duration/length as well when you want a specific file size.

    Constant Rate Factor (CRF)

    Control the bit rate to achieve a specified visual quality. This is rather self-explanatory, but be warned that it may remove small details that it believes are unwanted artifacts. Note: Lower number == higher quality.

    Constant Quantization Parameter (CQP)

    This is a more literal "constant quality" mode. It is generally not recommended because CRF does the same thing, but with better quality and file sizes.


    Whenever I have a question about a particular codec's parameters, I tend to turn to its documentation within FFMpeg's documentation and, of course, search engines.


    If the source files contain more than 1 video and 1 audio stream (e.g. an MP4 source file with 1 video and 2 audio) then Voukoder 10.2 with Premiere Connector 1.10.0 cannot be used to render that file to a proxy clip (lower quality/resolution copy of the source file).

    The selected preset does not support the audio channel type of the clip #1.mp4

    Example of unsupported input stream configuration:


    Currently, Adobe Media Encoder 22.2–and Adobe Premiere Pro 22.0.0 by extension–only supports outputting multiple audio streams to the QuickTime container format.

    When exporting to the QuickTime format, the Audio settings tab has a section titled "Audio Channel Configuration". (Image 1)

    "Stream" entries are incremented with the "+" button and decremented with the "-" button.

    "Output Channels" dropdown (Image 2) provides the following configurations. FFMpeg could provide similar or vastly different options depending on the audio format and codec. Because Adobe Media Encoder does not provide a "match source" example for audio channels and streams, it may be difficult to implement the ability to pass source audio streams to Voukoder as-is.

    "Source Channels" is inferred from the "Stream" and "Output Channels" settings.

    "Channel Layout" can be configured when more there are multiple streams.


    Normally, one would request this feature to be implemented by Adobe for all applicable container formats, but I get the feeling that they're contractually obligated to not do so.