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    when installing 2.0.9 even if you deselect After Effects, in next dialog you can't leave after effects path empty (he says you to insert a valid path).
    also I hope you'll be able to fix amf encoding parameters:love:

    after reading a thread here from september, I did the same test and found the same bug on amf codec:
    changing CQP number (0-51) doesn't change bitrate.
    version: 1.2.3

    did same test on x265 but here it works perfectly, as I expected

    I did tests also between "speed" and "quality" settings, always in amd amf hevc: they have the same speed. I think it should be very different ("quality" seems too fast for me, it's even faster than "ultra fast" of x265)

    first of all thank you really for this plugin, I love it!

    Is there a way to flag the video as VR 360? If you select, for example, h264 from stock premiere formats you can tick it, but I can't find this option in this plugin so my 360 video are no more VR after encoding. I usually use x265 but I couldn't find the option also in the others codecs.
    I also want to share my experience with AMF codec: crashes with AMD 2400g (integrated graphic), but I'm good with x265 and vp9. Premiere 2019.