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    First: You can't really compare different encoders to eachother. There are various settings of each encoder like filesize vs. speed, quality vs. speed. i.e. I could make VP9 faster than x264 with setting all the options to speed priority. Ok, the quality would be rubbish, the filesize huge but it would be fast.

    Second: Encoding FPS has it's limits. Lets break it down to one frame:

    Rendering with 60fps means one frame needs to be rendered in 16.6ms. And there are some steps in this chain:

    t = trender + tpreprocess + tencode + tfilewrite

    If you have a very complex video sequence with lots of overlays, effects, fades, etc. trender could be like 20ms. In that case you could have the fastest hardware encoder capable of 4000 fps but you will never get near 60fps. If the sum of it all would be like 40ms you'd get 25fps exactly.

    I don't know how many frames you have in your project, or what framesize... or even your exact nvenc settings. So i can not tell if this 9m45s is actually fast or slow. Same with QSV. Depends on the processor, settings, iGPU, etc. Maybe in some cases on newer CPUs with special settings QSV is actually faster. Who knows?

    Why did you name it FFmpeg video codec #1 ?

    It's just FFV1

    It identifies itself as "FFmpeg video codec #1". This is hardcoded in FFMpeg just as any other encoder name.

    FFV1 2pass seems to make art.

    Seems to happen in >= 10 Bit modes. Not sure what this is. Might be an FF issue. The voukoder pixel format conversion works fine with the other encoders.

    Found an error with 14bit and 16bit formats though.


    If you like this project please support it on - even if you just plegde just $1. From $10 on you can get access to the nightly builds and test new functionalites before it is released to the public.

    What is this money for? I have a regular 40h/week job. The more you fund me on patreon the more time I can shift from my day job to voukoder development.

    TLDR: You fund voukoder development time!

    I am also looking for a business partnership / sponsoring. Please contact me by email ( if you are interested.


    - AV1: Prepared for AV1 (but not included yet, because it is not really usable)

    - FFV1: Added FFV1 (Level 3) encoder

    - ProRes: Added vendor parameter to the UI so users can have a more "comaptible" ProRes export

    - VP8/VP9: Added parameters -g, -auto-alt-ref, -lag-in-frames and -sharpness to both VP8 and VP9

    - Made the encoder/muxer test before starting the export more safe (esp. when audio is disabled)

    P.S: It might seem there is not much Voukoder development anymore, but I am working on the next major version which will bring the plugin to an entirely new level! So stay tuned.

    Well, this error occurs because the two allowed NVENC sessions per system are already in use. Same would happen if other programs (i.e. OBS) are using these sessions and there is no session left for voukoder.

    Plus ... I do not get a proper returncode to identify this issue in the code. It's just written to the logfile, but voukoder does not know about it.

    Yes, I experienced this just now while investigating the other issue.

    Problem is, I do not have the information available if audio is check or uncheck while testing the codec combination. So if you leave the audio settings unchanged and just disable audio it might try to put aac into a webm container which doesn't work.

    The only solution would be to disable the validateOutputSettings() check and let it fail on the actual encoding attempt. WIll be available in the next build.

    I could set the correct vendor id easily... but I am not sure about the legal implications. Otherwise I could create an test input box where the could enter any vendor id... even "apl0" ...

    A MediaInfo could look like this:

    Yes, there might be a use for this. But then we also need something for (re)ordering filters. It would be difficult to do this with the Premiere GUI.