Command line HDR10 premiere

  • Hi!

    I would like to use Voukoder for encoding H265 in premiere for HDR10.

    There is a nice guide from 2019, but there is the problem that premiere changed everything for HDR in the september update and also it uses a old voukoder version.

    Does everybody know how to configure Voukoder to encode HEVC in HDR10 from premiere?

    In general my workflow out of premiere works also for HDR, but first it's very slow in HDR and also it has problems with encoding stills in the sequence.

    An additional question is: Is there in Voukoder any way to directly put command in the command window e.g. in options? It's nice to activate and configure the commands in the user interface, but it could be for this much easier to put in the commands directly, because some commands e.g. for the master display in HDR, I can't find in the pre-configured commands? thus is there a way to directly put in a line with all the parameters needed in the UI of 7.1?

    Many thanks!!