Exporting 1080p for YouTube VP9?

  • I was wondering if anyone knew how to upload better quality video to YouTube that will suffer less pixelation and compression artifacts from the AVC1 codec. I know that if you upload in 2k or 4k, your video will eventually be encoded with VP9 resulting in far better quality. But I do not have a 2k or 4k monitor and read that Nvidia Dynamic Super Resolution is not worth using.

    I Use OBS Studio to record footage while gaming in 1080p at 144fps with the same NVIDIA NVENC H.264 Encoder and CQP Quantizer. I was wondering if exporting in Premiere with the Voukoder settings in the FAQ would help reduce the pixelation and compression artifacts from AVC1 on YouTube.

    Also, I know YouTube will compress any video you upload but is there a way to upload in V9 to reduce the compression and force them to encode in V9 for 1080p? If so, what would be the best settings for that? File size and speed do not matter to me. Quality is the most important thing I am trying to achieve without having to digitally upscale my video to 2k.

    Thanks for any feedback!


    Intel i7-7700k

    EVGA RTX 2080 Super XC Gaming

    DDR4 16GB RAM

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