Quantizer and Bitrate, What are their relationship?

  • Hi,

    I rework on my video again for color grading, and use Voukoder and Daniel2 to export for the same clip.

    Daniel is faster but Voukoder has more control on it such as color space, to provide more accurate color. But I am not sure if the realationship between Quantizer and Bitrate? I use goPro and its bitrate is 60Mb/s, 2.7K resolution, 59.94fps. In Daniel I can choose 60Mb/s to minimize the effect on rendering lost, but I can't found the same bitrate but quanitzer. While I use the default quantizer=15, the biterate bump up to 3 times of its original, which mean "wasted".

    How can I know the relationship between quantizer and bitrate?

    P.S. I use H265 (NVENC).

    Oops! I found the solution on using the bitrate instead of quantizer, but still I wanna know.