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    The same situation. Doesn`t matter the size of video. Coding takes only 20% of Nvidia recourses. I try all releases of Voukoder and found that Voukoder, working via Connector (from ver 2.3) gives this result, but with 2.2.1 and later if we work as premiere plugin, without connector works perfect (90-100% of NV encode) . May be there is some solution to make it works with Connector?

    Premiere pro NVidia latest Studio 452.06

    Xeon 2678v3 3.3 unlocked, X99 + C610 Raid, 32Gb DDR3 ECCreg, RTX 2060 Super 8Gb, 500Gb NVMe + 1Tb (Raid0 SSD 2x500)