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    Hi! Is there any news about Mac support? ( I am win user, but some friends wants Voukoder for mac)

    PS By the way, thanks again, I really like the Voukoder)

    sorry for missing. I am not a very good tester (a slow laptop and electricity during the day turn off : the repair of electricity in our village). But I noticed that using direct exports from AE is much slower than through AME.

    PS thanks again! I had a (bad) thought: to hold my “discovery” of your Vaukoder, not to speak to colleagues and until it becomes super popular, to use it "secretly" and be “faster than anyone” ... But, conscience won :-) advertise your voucoder in all social networks: -)

    Export Error

    Error compiling movie.

    Accelerated Renderer Error

    Unable to produce frame.

    Writing with exporter: Voukoder R2

    Writing to file: E:\TimeLapse Edited out\AE proj\ночь 2 дома p 2 voucoder_AME\def TL.mp4

    Around timecode: 00:00:12:01 - 00:00:12:03

    Rendering at offset: 6,040 seconds

    Component: Voukoder R2 of type Exporter

    Selector: 9

    Error code: -1609629695

    You are wonderful!

    I am now in the village, every day I take time-lapses (1500 frames, RAW, motorized slider).

    I have here only a laptop (slow one, HP envey) and AE render very slowly. 30 seconds video - 4 hours. (

    ) But yesterday I received your “voucoder” and the same video was rendered in 40 minutes. It looks like a miracle. I don’t know how it will behave on the fastcomputer, but for a laptop your “voukoder” is a panacea!

    Thank you so much for your work!

    PS A test plug-in for AE (directly from AE) - the JPG sequence worked stably, but when I tried to run the RAW sequence It did not work, I had to go through AME, but it still goes about 6 (!) times faster.