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    Ah... the pulldown arrow/carrot does not appear unless you click on the color format. At first look, It appears that only the check boxes are there and usable only to add the metadata. Now that I know it is a chooseable option, it makes sense.

    Thank you.

    Upon testing, the alpha channel to a .mov now writes and reads.

    Two follow up questions, if I may...

    Is there more information available to let the user know if/when the check boxes should or should not be checked – can you recommend an online resource?

    What does the ProRes AW or KS terminology represent and where is it from? I have only known HQ or HQX for 422 and XQ or none for 4444.

    Again, thanks.


    Dario Bigi


    DR v18.0 build 36 (release date 2022/07/23)



    Any files rendered with Codec ProRes (either AW or KS) will not render or create the alpha channel.

    Channel is visible and verified.

    All files rendered are ProRes 422 HQ. All adjustments do not effect file codec or alpha.

    See attached snapshot.

    If functioning properly, I know several Colorist who would be happy to have this. As well as Apple ProRes renders functioning properly from DR on Win 10.

    Let me know if you think this is a DR 18 issue or more underlying code/ffmpeg version.

    Thank you!


    Dario Bigi