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    Interesting. When I open this dialog in my german Premiere Pro CC 2018, that line doesn't mention Intel (or H.264) at all. It's just the german translation of "Enable hardware accelerated decoding".

    Nice tool, thanks!

    Here are my results with Premiere Pro CC 2018:

    The FPS don't change when I switch between CPU and GPU (CUDA) decoding in the project settings. According to the Windows 10 task manager, even if GPU decoding is configured, the video decoder of my RTX 2070 is not used.

    But when I play the same source file in a video player GPU video decoding works fine. Very weird that it doesn't work in Premiere Pro.

    edit: I just read that choosing CUDA in the project settings doesn't mean that it will use GPU decoding, so that explains it.

    I've just found On that page it says the following:


    What's new with Turing GPUs (Video Codec SDK 9.0 coming soon)

    • Up to 3x Decode throughput with multiple decoders on professional cards (Quadro & Tesla)
    • Higher Quality Encoding - H.264 & H.265
    • Higher encoding efficiency (15% lower bitrate than Pascal)
    • HEVC B-frames support
    • HEVC 4:4:4 decoding support

    I'm currently particularly interested in the H.264 encoding improvements, so the higher quality and lower bitrate. If I unterstand that page correctly, those improvements also require the new SDK, which isn't even released yet?


    First of all, thank you so much for Voukoder!

    I have a question about NVENC:

    I've just read that the new RTX 2xxx cards have a improved NVENC. From Wikipedia: "Sixth generation NVENC implements HEVC 8K encoding at 30FPS, HEVC B-Frames support and provides up to 25% bitrate savings for HEVC and up to 15% bitrate savings for H.264.". And there is also an OBS beta announcement that says something about quality improvements for RTX cards.

    Do you need to implement/change something in Voukoder to get these improvements or do they work automatically when I have a RTX card?