Setting Codec Default to H.261 (NVIDIA NVENC) instead of H.261 (x264)

  • Hello,

    As the title says I want the default Codec to be set to NVIDIA NVENC (as shown in the image attached) instead of going to Voukoder dialog and then setting it to NVIDIA NVENC and applying the settings for each project.

    I know I can do it by creating a custom template but that doesn't help my case. (Video/Audio settings differs for each project as it is set to project default, template customizes it to a certain project only.)

    Let me know if there is anyway to set the Codec to NVIDIA NVENC as default.

    Thank you in advance!

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  • Currently there is no possibility to do so. The voukoder successor will allow to store certain profiles you can define. This will most likely get what you want.

    But, do you just want that it remebers the last used encoder? Or also all settings/options how this encoder was configured the last time?

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