Hoarding your footage for future generations

  • Hi there all.

    Firstly thank you to Voukoder for this wonderful product. Hoping to get your ideas and advice.

    All my personal filming etc from all devices (cameras/phones etc) get saved to a local hard drive and on yearly basis I would use Vegas to compile the years work and render as a AVCHD file (1920x1080-50i). I would then use DVD Architect to burn a Blu-ray movie with all the chapters etc. I would then archive the original AVCHD file away on a network drive (incase like has happened many times something goes wrong with the blu-ray and I need the original AVCHD file to remake it). The issue is, the network drive is getting full up because these AVCHD files are huge (an hour can be around 13GB).

    Would do you think of my new idea of rendering the final file as a Voukoder MP4 in Sony Vegas as my final product and thus archiving those to the network drive. They are less than half the size of the AVCHD files. When I watch the avchd file and the Voukoder MP4 on a computer monitor, I honestly cannot really tell them apart?

    I could burn them as standard files to a Blu-ray disc (instead of authoring as a Blu-ray format in DA - which will save time). The draw back is there are no chapters markers since its a regular file.

    Do you know if regular Blu-ray players (connected to a TV...not the computer ones) will play Voukoder MP4 files which are over 4GB as a single file? Do you think 4K players could play 4K Voukoder MP4 files if I filmed future footage in 4K?

    Can you see any major drawbacks or issues with my now ditching the AVCHD files for future use due to size and keeping it to Voukoder mp4?

    I really appreciate any feedback, suggestions or advice.

    All the best



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