CRF vbv-maxrate option not working

  • Hello. When exporting in x264 media encoder, I set CRF 17 and



    but I get a huge bitrate every time. Render of 30 second slice shows 96000kbs/s. I noticed the problem six months ago and coded it in ABR. These values never worked when rendering. I tried on version voucoder 6.

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  • RE: Good x264 settings (May 2020 update 2)

    Many people say about the quality of encoding methods that with x264 the most effective is CRF after it is CRF+VBR I would like to try it. But no matter what I do, I can't limit the maximum bitrate at CRF. I even tried installing third-party codec packs =)

    Does CRF+VBR mean double encoding? hah

  • Sorry for the stupid question, but in module for adobe, you can not specify these parameters, you can only choose from presets and there only vbv-maxrate and vbv-bufsize

  • Does this mean that if I need to get the maximum bitrate of 24000 kbs, then it is better to use ABR with two passes for maximum quality? Or try to still make CRF work with vbv-maxrate?

  • From what I know:

    Normally you limit the bitrate only because you want to play that video on hardware decoders. They decode it using a DSP that might have a limitation on max. bitrates, max. resolution, certain h264 features, etc. This is normally indicated by the "level" (e.g. 4.1).

    Also if you aim for a specific filesize (i.e. to use the entire capacity of a DVD, BD or even an USB drive) bitrate is important.

    For software decoders I wouldn't deal with bitrates at all nowadays. You basically define what quality you want to get and thats all. CRF is doing a pretty good job of finding the right quantizer and the req'd bitrate and all.

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  • First of all, i want to say a big thank you for what you are doing and for paying attention to this post. In this case, we are talking about the final file size. There are customer requirements, and there are platform requirements for bitrate. If you upload a large file, it is compres and loses a lot of quality. And here I want to understand how to set the approximate bitrate and at the same time get maximum possible quality.

    I understand that i am not first one who asks this question=), but initially in my situation, the setting of vbv-maxrate with CRF is ignored =) and maxrate cannot be registered independently in the user interface. You can only enter the values of the preset parameters.

    srry for my English =)