best setting for export " HEVC nvidia NVENC " h264 mp4 format for good Quality / Medium video size?

  • Yes.

    Not necessarily. Sometimes MediaInfo just doesn't display certain file properties. To be sure, you have to manually check the distance between neighbouring I-frames in your encodes.

    You can do this with Avidemux, for example. Just press the UP arrow to go forward to the nearest I-frame. You can then count the number of frames between each I-frame (GOP size).


    for export " HEVC nvidia NVENC " h264 mp4 format, on GTX1050 vga card, i set B frame Reference and CABAC / 4 Ref Frames but on the nvidia site:…de-gpu-support-matrix-new say GTX1050 HEVC B Frame support=NO

    for GTX1050 need i set B farme Ref? 4 ref B farame better or 2 ref B farme? or not need set this option for this video card?

    my Full HD 30 fps 1080 video after export via voukoder HEVC nvidia NVENC " h264 mp4 format by this setting, when play video on  time Scene that camera (recorder) some fast moving, picture is some Blur and Tremulant !! what the Reason? how to i can fix this Problem?

    sorry for my poor english& thanks for help me:saint:

  • Canon Camera use this setting for video recording:

    CABAC / 2 Ref farames

    Reference Farame= 2 frames


    GOP M(minimum)=3 N(normal)=15

    for Full HD 1080p 30fps 30mb/s video

    is this setting good for Voukoder "HEVC nvidia NVENC " h264 mp4 format ?