HEVC 10bit bt2020 wrong colors (shift into green)

  • how to work properly with hevc bt2020?

    I have the ability to write videos in hevc 10bit bt2020 mp4

    but whatever software I try, it cannot show the correct colors.

    colors little shift into green ...its not oversaturated or overexp, just wrong colors.

    but, if I play this video on the phone in mx player or in VLC on the iPad,

    choosing hardware playback, the colors are converted and become correct ...

    choosing software playback, the colors are go into green same as montage soft.

    please tell me how to color/convert and output correctly this format ...?

    on the Internet I did not find any information at all .. quiet

    I work in the Premiere,but try Davinci and get same results with any Monitor settings in ProjectSettings..and any way to out it in rec709..

    also the converter plugin in Davinci do things just a little better but not correct at all, looks like it do only a half of job..