Willing to trade Time for Higher Compression (keeping same QP) on HVEC

  • Hello,

    HVEC (H265 using GTX 1070 Ti Driver Studio 451.77) is the fastest encoder for me.

    I've tried several standard options on the same clip:

    Fast Main Main QP13 = 1077 sec & 970 MB

    HQ Main Main QP13 = 1076 sec & 964 MB

    HQ Main Main QP15 = 1073 sec & 763 MB

    Slow Main Main QP15 = 1072 sec & 763 MB

    Slow Main High QP15 = 1061 sec & 763 MB

    Slow Rext High QP15 = 1078 sec & 763 MB

    => The overall time is the same, using Fast/Slow/High Quality, Main/REXT Profile or Main/High Tier (that's strange to me)

    I suppose that Vegas Rendering is actually holding back the encoding.

    So, for my next benchmark, I'd like to force higher compression (lower file size without reducing quality).

    I suppose I need to dig into the Advance Option?

    What would be the suggestion to increase compression on a 4k 30 FPS clip?


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