A companion console

  • Personally I love to see any and all messages a codec dumps out to console, it gives one an idea if a codec is having to do things differently because of a parameter or input issue which helps in the bigger picture, it is what makes FFMPEG and x26x tools so encompassing.

    Would it be possible to have a flag on the advanced tab such as "Display Console", so that one could see the progress of the encoding and muxing with a full debug output? and then possibly have it pause at the end waiting for a keypress or window close rather than totally closing automatically after process is complete, maybe a separate isolated process which works asynchronously to the main encoding function of premiere, so that one could leave it open and carry on working and do another encode and compare console outputs, ie each encoding task spawns a new console window rather than reusing or closing existing windows.

    This will also help greatly going forward with bug reporting too for users will be able to screengrab outputs to help the developer get to the bottom of very particular issues, although a log file is just as good, but a console window just makes everything more dynamic.

  • If you have a few extra minutes, you could even add a button to the console "Submit bug report", and link it in to your bug-tracking tool, where the output along with a user description and machine configuration are sent straight to you.

    Streamlining your whole process will mean a very quick turnaround in bug-fixes and releases, for which I have another feature request coming up... hope I'm not pushing too hard here.

  • That does the job nicely, but a techie loves a realtime console too, though yes one could trail the log file using a separate tool, but making it self-sufficient just streamlines things. if a console is a selectable option then it wont impede average users but will make things more efficient for those of us who live by the shell.

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