Adobe After Effects encoding not using dedicated GPU

  • I am a beginner
    I want to ask that why both my Adobe After Effects render setting the same
    But one video is using GPU + CPU, the other one still using CPU only?
    Setting are the same
    But if using the GPU, is it that very low % usage only?
    I thought will be higher

  • Did you use NVENC as the encoder? Also if you applied denoise/ sharpening then it will use quite a bit of CPU power.

    I have using NVIDIA NVENC encoder
    But still cannot render using GPU

  • Hmm I'm not sure why it's not using your GPU, try using native NVENC option in Adobe, they added that option a while back.

    Native NVENC option in Adobe?
    But After Effects dont have NVENC, right?

  • I'm not sure about After Effects if not, bring the project over to Media encoder, choose format as h264 then tick the Hardware Acceleration box

    Have chosen hardware acceleration
    Still not rendering using GPU
    Not sure why

  • You might show us your voukoder logfile. This would give us some information about used settings and performance stats.

    May i know where to check the Voukoder logfile?

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    [10:50:53] Frame #22: vRender: 726444 us, vProcess: 0 us, vEncoding: 11808 us, Latency: 738253 us

    AfterFX takes like 726ms to render a single frame before it passes it to Voukoder. That limits the output rate to around 1,4 fps. Voukoder (and the GPU) is basically ideling and waiting for frames to be delivered by AfterFX . This means, your project is either too complex or your cpu too slow.

  • Ohh i see

    I think is because the project is complex
    i have try just render a video in less effect
    It can render using NVENV, but using only about 10 to 20% of GPY, using about 70% of CPU

    And is it has any solution for render a bit complex of video?
    Really wish to render the video
    If want to render, it takes up to 4 hours to render with my laptop
    And the CPU temperature is up to 100 degree celcius
    Afraid that will damage my laptop


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  • I am a Adobe After Effects beginner
    Some of the effects are 16 some of the effects are 32
    Not really sure what is it
    I guess 32 effect is maybe more hard core more complex effect
    If i dont include the 32 effect, then it can use NVENC
    If include 32 effect, then it will not use NVENC
    But i hope Voukoder can handle the 32 effect


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    Unfortunately Voukoder can't help there ...

    [01:12:06] Frame #11: vRender: 3217264 us, vProcess: 0 us, vEncoding: 7216 us, Latency: 3224480 us
    [01:12:09] Frame #12: vRender: 3291752 us, vProcess: 0 us, vEncoding: 7265 us, Latency: 3299018 us
    [01:12:12] Frame #13: vRender: 3320280 us, vProcess: 0 us, vEncoding: 7254 us, Latency: 3327535 us
    [01:12:16] Frame #14: vRender: 3290610 us, vProcess: 0 us, vEncoding: 7288 us, Latency: 3297898 us
    [01:12:19] Frame #15: vRender: 3282465 us, vProcess: 0 us, vEncoding: 7097 us, Latency: 3289563 us

    We can see here that vRender is around 3.3s. That means After Effects needs 3.3s to render a single frame and then hand it over to Voukoder. Voukoder (vProcess + vEncoding) does the encoding in ~7.2ms. If After Effects would deliver enough frames the GPU would be able to encode with like 138 fps.

    Voukoder might speed up encoding but not rendering.