Latest 14.2.0 beta of Premiere Pro adds H264/HEVC hardware encoding on both NVIDIA and AMD GPUs

  • I just learned about it from Epos Vox's video . Puget systems also published an article a few days before (they seem to have only tested with nvidia so far).

    Here's a quote from the article:


    since in the current beta, it defaults to using the NVIDIA/AMD GPU over Quicksync if it is available.

    So, according to that, in latest beta, with hardware encoding selected, even if Intel's iGPU is enabled, it should use graphics card's encoder by default.

    I haven't tried it yet (don't want to mess with current project), but I'm very excited about this.

    I've been using Voukoder 1.1.3 for several months now and it made export so much more effortless.

    I still see many benefits to use voukoder because of FFMPEG and ability to use QCP instead of set bitrate.

    I wish Adobe would add quality-based setting, but I guess it's just against how AME works.

  • (Just noticed this post after I sent mine about the same topic ;) )

    Yes, they squeezed it in the "general" h264 encoder. No customized settings or parameters, just a dropdown box with "Hardware" or "Software". If you have both a NVIDIA and AMD card it in the system it uses the NVIDIA card. Seems it is also yuv420 only.

  • Very Interesting and thx urik.

    But hard encoding for H264 at least by Nvidia would already be accessible in the current version or even older versions but without being activated by default :

    - start Premiere Pro

    - CTRL + F12 to display console

    - Activate Debug Database View :

    - search HW to activate hardware encoding by Nvidia with H264 :

    - Restart Premiere Pro

    - do an export, choose H264, there should then be the choice of hard encoding:

    Personally as I use Windows 7 Pro with Premiere Pro 2018 which is the latest supported release. I can actually activate the encoding but it is not selectable for export; Maybe my GTX1660 is not recognized because it came out after.

  • No such option for me!

    How can I access the Nvidia feature ?

  • Does this mean it uses NVENC with all its advantages (faster encoding times) and disadvantages (lower quality at lower bitrates), just as other encoding software (e.g. HandBrake) does? Or did they do something different?